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            News Center / Company News
            COQAMC will cooperate with Qianhai Financial Holdings setting up an alternative fund
            Source: Shenzhen Economic Daily Author: Journalist Hu Sixing 2014-08-30

            According to the news from Qianhai Administration, China Orient Asset Management Corporation (COAMC)and Shenzhen Qianhai Finance Holdings Co.,Ltd, which is the sub-company of Qianhai Administration, have reached a cooperation intention that they will establish a special opportunity investment fund which is focus on non-performing assets investment and M&A. The first phase scale is five billion RMB which will complete its fund-raising in the first quarter of 2015. This fund will be the largest scale of investment fund in this field in China.


            Both sides expressed that this cooperation will combine their respective advantages while having complementary ones. Relying on the special policy resources of Qianhai and network advantage of COAMC, this fund will build the channels of alternative investment at home and abroad which will promote two-way circulation of RMB so that the financial forms of Qianhai can be enriched.


            According to the introduction of Qianhai Administration, this fund has three development goals. One is to seize the market opportunities, which are provided by the economic restructuring, and find the right ones for investors to earn a long and stable investment return. The second is to open up the channel of offshore RMB free flow which will promote the market development of offshore RMB in Hongkong. The last is to straight forward to strive into making Qianhai as the accumulation area of cross border funds in China with the advantages of cross-border two-way investment and the channels of trading platform overseas.