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            News Center / Company News
            COQAMC has successfully issued the first alternative fund of non-performing asset


            China Orient Qianhai Asset Management Corporation (COQAMC), which was found in the end of 2014, is a Fund Management Platform which is jointly ventured by China Orient Asset Management Corporation (COAMC) and Shenzhen Qianhai Finance Holdings Co.,Ltd.


            On Aug.2015, COQAMC has finished the market-oriented fund-raising of special opportunities fund Ⅰ which is about RMB 490 million and start to run officially. This is the first fund with non-performing assets as investment targets in our series of special opportunities fund.


            COQAMC is located in seizing the market opportunities which are provided by this economic transition of Chinese economy. COQAMC is committed to make full use of the advantages of COAMC in non-performing assets area by making in-depth cooperation with various financial institutions so that we will build a professional platform in the field of investment. We will establish several funds focused on non-performing assets acquisitions, urban renewal as well as industry mergers and acquisitions. Through fund product design such as parent and subsidiary fund, structured fund and equal shares with equal rights fund, we provide assets allocation and share market opportunities in China for the investors from home and abroad. Our AUM is planned to reach RMB ten billion in the next three years. Based on the completion of the fund Ⅰraising, we have locked on the target assets of fund Ⅱ and fasten the promotion of this project.