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            Guiding work of our company, Vice-President Huang Jiaquan of COAMC visited to COQAMC



            On the afternoon of Sep. 7th, 2016, Vice-President Huang Jiaquan of COAMC visited to COQAMC to guide the work for inspection and research. In the meeting, Vice-President Huang Jiaquan exchanged views with company executives and middle-level management team. Mr. Wang Quan, president of COQAMC and Mr. Jiang Guoyong, General Manager of COQAMC respectively reported the overall operating conditions, business development direction and working plan of our company in the next stage. After the meeting, Vice-President Huang Jiaquan highly appreciated the achievements which have been obtained from the opening of our company. He also fully affirmed the significant business results, strict management standards, steady working conditions and strong teamwork spirit of COQAMC. By drawing lessons from other good business development mode, Vice-President Huang Jiaquan expressed his earnestly expectations of good business development plan for our company to explore suitable operation mode and achieve sustainable development.