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            Participation in the process of a project, COQAMC has finished the first return right transfer on non-performing assets in China


            On Sep. 6th, 2016, the first 254-million-Yuan return right transfer trust plan on non-performing assets, which is initiated by Bank of Jiangsu and set by Huaneng Trust, has officially recorded and finished registration in Credit Assets Registration and Transfer Center of Banking (hereinafter referred to as Yindeng Center). This is the first project of return right transfer of non-performing assets in China after the issuing of two regulations in this industry-- “Rules for the transfer of credit assets to the right of return (for Trial Implementation)” and “Details of the disclosure rules for the transfer of credit assets to the right of return (for Trial Implementation)”.


            Initiated by Bank of Jiangsu, Huaneng Trust set up a trust plan which transfer the return right of non-performing assets for this project. This trust plan is divided into priority and inferior level. China Chengxin International Ltd.(CCXI) has rated the priority level as AAAs. As a qualified institutional investor, COQAMC has fully participated in the early due diligence, commercial offer, draft agreement and finally invested 97 million yuan to subscribe the inferior level trust plan of this project. Moreover, COQAMC has provided liquidity assistance for full capital and interest of the priority level investors while assuming the role of assets service consultant this time.